Introducing the next generation of not a Micro, not a Nano, but a Pico sized flight controller! Measuring 23 x 25mm it is small but it is more powerful than any other FC out there! Fabricated on a 4 layer PCB with dedicated power and ground planes combined with >10A fets makes for an incredibly powerful and agile flight controller.


  • Cleanflight and Betaflight firmware compatible
  • 22.5 x 25mm
  • 2.25g
  • Single side populated (for super easy mounting)
  • MPU6050
  • Brushed motor support for 4 motors (all populated with fets)
  • M5 and M6 broken out (used when converting into a HEX)
  • 8A N Channel fets (10A <5secs)
  • Flight battery voltage monitoring
  • Spektrum Satellite (3.3V) or PPM (VBATT) RX input
  • Spektrum bind button (hold on boot to bind)
  • Many pads broken out for mods
  • 5V Buck/Boost regulator (no brownouts)
  • 3.3V regulator powered from 5V
  • 1S (4.2V) only
  • Battery can be connected at same time as USB for testing (when battery is not connected, the motors will NOT spin. USB does not provide power to motors)
  • WS2812B LED solder pad
  • M7 pad available (becomes Servo1 when servos are used)
  • Buzzer led for low battery alarm
  • Buzzer transistor either for physical buzzer or an LED
  • Connectors all around edge and on both sides with labels


  • PICO-B-FC v1.0
  • Spek Sat cable
  • JST power cable (cut to length, strip wires, solder to FC)
  • Serial Cable Adapter

Extra Services: 

When the "Header Soldering Service" is selected, the JST connector will be soldered as it is in the picture towards the end of the photo album (top left of this page). If you have any specific requirements, for example changing this for a Walkera style connector or setting the default to PPM (rather than the current default of SAT + 3.3V), please include these details in the "order notes" at checkout, or send us an email and we will happily make these alterations for you!

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The product user manual can be found here.


Latest Cleanflight firmware is available here (right click -> "Save Link As").

NOTE: It is advisable to use Betaflight instead. If you download the Betaflight configurator you can flash the target 'MULTIFLITE_PICO'. This is the ongoing supported version of firmware.

Included Accessories 1x 2pin JST power cable, 1x 4pin to FTDI (Serial cable), 1x 3pin RX cable (spek sat)
Electrical Characteristics
Input Voltage 3-5v (1S LiPo)
Output Voltage 5V, 3.3V
Flight Controller Features
Board Type Brushed (4x integrated 8A N-FETs)
Compatible Firmware Cleanflight, Betaflight
Motor Outputs 4
Processor Type STM32F303
Sensors MPU6050 (Acc + Gyro)
Physical Attributes
Length 25mm
Width 22.5mm
Height 4mm
Weight 2.25g

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multiFlite PICO-B-FC Flight Controller v1.0

  • Brand: multiFlite
  • Product Code: pBFCv1.0a
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  • £34.99

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